Project overview

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We're use to working with limited budgets. We don't believe that budgets limit creativity, nor do we believe that big budgets guarantee it!

Probably the most cost-effective campaign of 2009 is the self-promotional house project for the Albion Hotel bakery in Shoreditch, London. On a budget that wouldn’t buy enough buns for an elephants’ tea party we developed ‘BakerTweet’.

Everyone knows the best time to get your baked goods is when they're fresh out the oven. So, we figured that this could be a killer use of Twitter. Letting followers know that fresh goodies are ready right now. But, bakeries don't want laptops or phones lying around in the kitchen. Flour, eggs and technology don't mix so well. So we built ‘BakerTweet’.

It's a bespoke piece of hardware (with Arduino-based guts) that allows our friends at Albion to select what's just been baked and ping the relevant Twitter message out to local customers. Meaning that you can perfectly time your trips to Albion to pick-up the freshest freshness.

If you want to see what's coming out of the Albion's Oven you need to follow @albionsoven on Twitter, and you'll have a head start on the latest oven output.

BakerTweet has become a media phenomenon. Featured in The Evening Standard, London Paper, London Lite & even The Hindustan Times! Biz Stone’s so enthusiastic that he’s a follower and has actively promoted it in Wired – and he’s an 8-hour flight from fresh cakes and scrumptiousness!