Project overview

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We were asked to create the best sports website in the world, which is a bit of a tall order, but we hope that we've redefined the world of club football sites forever. Coming from a culture that had done everything to alienate fans by burning images of credit cards and format ads into their retinas, we were very clear about one thing - the new site had to put the fan at the center. If we got it right for fans, everything else would follow. So, we dropped all format ads, choosing to integrate sponsors commercial messaging into the content. We put video right up front and centre, dropping the premium subscription model and making it free to access. Match reports and news are easy to find, league tables are up to date, fixtures are dynamic. We've made everything revolve around the experience you want from the site as a fan, whether in Manchester, Maidstone or Malibu. The club site has become the first place you go to as a fan.

If you can't go to Manchester to see a match, we've created a vibrant Match Day Centre that brings every match to life in real time, visualising key statistics, with a live text commentary and minute by minute updates, capturing all the key moments from the game and allowing to explore the stats after the match.

We completely redesigned the MCFC shop, upgrading the experience to one befitting the club, with a Flash-based shirt customisation tool, showing you how your replica shirt will look, complete with names, numbers and badges. We've created an integrated shopping experience using a single basket, meaning we can cross-sell shirts and merchandise to people buying tickets for matches, something most club sites aren't able to provide.