Project overview

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The Gauge

We created The Gauge to launch the Huffington Post into the UK - a market in which they are relatively unknown.

The key element of the campaign was to generate social buzz amongst key influencers and to enlist new bloggers to Huffington Post's repertoire as a result; as well as creating a sense of ownership and exclusivity for those who are already blogging for the news site.

By embodying the Huffington Post's brand positioning of 'Got something to say, say it on the Huffington Post', The Gauge aims to incite public opinion around current news stories, pitching the general public against Huffington Post bloggers. Interaction is purposefully low-barrier to encourage participation and facilitate social sharing, using Twitter in particular. Our Twitter engine collects all the tweets using the hashtags #huffpostUK and #agree or #disagree, it then stores them and routes in real-time to the correct column (HuffPost UK blogger or Twittersphere); putting opinions directly head-to-head. Within Facebook, modules allow users to interact directly on the day's statement which have been shared by their friends.

An Archive showcases all old statements, giving an at a glance overview of public opinion on some of the year's biggest news stories - from the London Riots, through to David Cameron's vetoing of the EU Treaty, and Debbie Moore's split from Ashton Kutcher to the Fifa's Poppy ban on the England kit.